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PortalOne releases Atari’s Breakout® – and for its debut, you’ll be able to play it against Atari® founder and Breakout co-creator Nolan Bushnell


Check out Breakout, the latest game to come to the PortalOne Arcade!

News | 06 June, 2023

PortalOne, the world’s first hybrid games platform, announces the release of Atari’s Breakout as the next game launching on its platform on June 7. Breakout is the second Atari title to become available on PortalOne’s platform, joining the first Atari hybrid game, Centipede.

Invented by PortalOne, hybrid games combine the strengths of both the games industry and the TV industry, bringing them together in one platform. Shows take place directly inside the games, giving you the unique chance to compete against your favorite stars and celebrities – right on your phone. PortalOne’s hybrid games operate in 24-Hour Tournaments, and every day, you can compete to win real prizes – based on luck, or skill!

PortalOne’s version of Breakout honors the core principles of the original 70s smash hit that you all know and love: vibrant and retro aesthetic; easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay; and of course, the iconic Breakout paddle joining you in your quest to break those bricks!

In the PortalOne hybrid game of Breakout, you are tasked with one simple but challenging goal: race against the timer, with an unlimited number of lives, to smash as many bricks as possible to get the highest score you can. In an evolution of the original format, you’ll be playing Breakout in 100-second rounds. The introduction of the timer means that you can focus on achieving the best score to climb the Breakout Leaderboard in any 24-Hour Tournament, bringing you to victory.

The game is available in 3D, allowing you to become truly immersed in colorful gameplay. You can still experience Breakout in the classic top-down view of the original, or choose to get closer to the action and get down on the playing field with a brand new depth view in 3D. Whether you’re a seasoned Breakout player or lucky enough to be experiencing it for the very first time, there’s a view to suit everyone.

For the first time in Breakout’s history, you’ll now be able to compete in live rounds against your favorite celebrities and stars during PortalOne’s shows. Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can play any PortalOne hybrid game throughout the day, and then tune into the Arcade Show, hosted inside the PortalOne app. During the show, you compete directly against the special 

guest of the day, who is immersed as a game character in a ‘supersized’ version of the game itself.

PortalOne’s Arcade Show has starred guests like Justin Bieber, Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, Tori Kelly, and Daniel Mac

In the Season Premiere on June 8, you’ll be playing Breakout against Atari founder and co-creator of the original Breakout, Nolan Bushnell. Throughout the next Season, you’ll be able to play against a superstar lineup of guests, including an Olympic gold medalist, YouTube stars, TikTok sensations – and even pop idol Demi Lovato!

Bård Anders Kasin, CEO and co-founder of PortalOne, said: “Atari is one of the most legendary games companies in history, and we’re lucky to be partnered with them to bring their classic arcade titles into the hybrid game genre. Even almost 50 years after its release, Breakout still remains to be one of the most influential games titles ever, thanks to its strong game mechanics and iconic aesthetic. We’re grateful to Atari for working with us as an IP partner, and we look forward to continuing to bring even more iconic Atari titles into the hybrid games genre in the years ahead.” 

Stig Olav Kasin, CXO and co-founder of PortalOne, said: “At PortalOne, we’re excited to bring Breakout’s legacy to a new audience, while integrating and immersing stars of all kinds into the game for the first time. Throughout the creation of PortalOne’s Breakout, it has been essential to balance the feel of the original legacy while introducing new hybrid game elements. In PortalOne's Breakout, expect to experience delicious, vibrant visuals, dynamic gameplay, and new, creative twists. We’re super excited for you to all experience the hybrid game of Breakout for the first time.”

PortalOne’s mobile app, “PortalOne Arcade”, is free-to-play, and is available on the App Store and Google Play in the US & Canada. Players outside of PortalOne’s geographies can join the waitlist to be the first to know when PortalOne is available in their region.

Breakout will become available during the PortalOne Season Finale on June 7, 2023 at 9PM ET.

Key features of PortalOne’s hybrid game of Breakout:

  • Race against the timer: You have 100 seconds to break as many bricks as you can to get the highest score! 

  • Compete in Friend Challenges: Get competitive and go head-to-head with your friends and family to see who’s the Breakout master!

  • Go deeper with 3D gameplay: Become a part of the explosive action with our new 3D depth view – or opt for the Classic Breakout view. The choice is yours!

  • Deploy groundbreaking power-ups: Plow through stacks of bricks with the clever maneuvering of supercharged power-ups, including the MegaPaddle, the explosive FireBall, and the juggernaut GigaBall

  • Unlimited lives and levels: Respawn your lost balls and regenerate bricks so you never miss a chance to get that all-important high score!

  • Climb the Leaderboards: Compete against your fellow Arcadians to become the Tournament Champion in any 24-Hour Tournament

  • Win by skill – or luck: Every day, you have the chance to win real prizes: either by ranking the Leaderboards, or becoming the Lucky Winner!

  • Compete against your favorite stars: Tune into the Arcade Show and play in live rounds directly against our special guests!

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