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Safety and Community Guidelines

These guidelines and Community Rules do not replace the legal requirements for the use of PortalOne’s official website or the PortalOne Arcade app. For the legal terms of use, please refer to the User Agreement. See here for our website’s Privacy Policy.

Community Rules

As a member of the PortalOne community, you’re here to have fun, hang out with friends, and stay safe. While we do everything we can to maintain a positive environment, we rely on the support of our players to uphold our Community Rules. Any instance of our players violating these rules may result in action against your account, or even a permanent ban.  

For more information on the conduct required when you make a PortalOne account, you can refer to the User Agreement.

1. Intolerance and discrimination

On our official channels, during our shows and throughout the PortalOne Arcade app, absolutely no communication, in any form, that aims to harass, threaten, demean, embarrass, bully, or otherwise harm any person, will be tolerated. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, or any other form of hate speech.

2. Inappropriate content

Under no circumstances should any player share content (including text, images and links) that is racist, predatory, misogynistic, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, or derogatory. The PortalOne Arcade app, and our associated owned social channels, are family-friendly, and we rely on our players to keep it that way.

3. Unethical behavior and cheating

Play fairly and within the rules of each game, without cheating or exploiting bugs or glitches. Players should not name or confront players suspected of unethical behavior such as cheating, within the PortalOne Arcade app or on our official channels. All reports related to potentially unethical behaviour such as suspected cheating should be brought forth directly to the PortalOne team via

4. Impersonation and multiple accounts

Players should register using their legal name, and play only as themselves. Players should not impersonate any other player, person, celebrity, or employee of PortalOne.

Pretending to be or representing another player or person than yourselves and deceiving other players for your own benefit is never OK, and might result in the suspension or termination of players account.

Impersonation includes lying about your age in order to create an account, creating additional accounts under a different identity, or playing on someone else’s account. Multiple accounts are not permitted – a player should have (and play on) only one account.

5. Personal information

Never share any personal information (beyond what is available on your profile) to other players, and do not share the personal information of anyone else. Personal information includes age, location and contact details.

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